Sleep is Commercial
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Sleep Is Commercial

Sleep is Commercial is new avant garde
from nowhere. no time. no season.
syncretism of sounds, sites, codes, contrasts, words,
volumes, images, people... always Dreamed in Berlin.

easy, swift, realistic and casual. everywhere, anytime.
men, women, representing unisex freedom.
simply cut, but on the same time appealing and researched shape.

few materials, 30 pieces for a unique total look with a specific and definite identity.

Started as a music label in 2009, the Sleep is Commercial project has grown beyond any single idea and stands before you today as an experimental, established and experienced factory for artists.

The project could only begin in Berlin an individual, pulsating, tranistory city-neverland-workshop; an axis point of creative energy drawn from all over the globe, where possibilities are limitlesess and dreams can become true:

No Sleep. Dream.

A name, a claim and a manifesto. Sleep is Commercial is always evolving fueled by a fluid cast of creative minds; deejays, musicians, writers, artists, music producers, fashion designers, photographers and promoters.

Everyone gives their own input. Together all the inputs create one output. This is called Sleep Is Commercial.

no sleep, Dream as Utopia Vivendi.
Sharing as Anti-conformismus.
Music and Love as Revolution.


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