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Anikalena Skärström

Anika Skarstrom, Swedish designer living in Paris, has been imagining and creating modern designs for modern women, this for the past ten seasons. Not only is she able to capture a moment but also portray today’s independent and metropolitan women in search of a feeling of freedom. Every of her collection is inspired by one of her heroines, passing by Colette, a French writer in the 1920s, or even Annie Hall, a Woody Allen heroine figure.

A touch of masculinity is added to many of her pieces this to emphasize on her ‘ideal’ women – chic, independent, outgoing and in fetch of discovery and adventure. Portrayed through her clothes is a mix between women and men dress codes, this creating a ‘new look’ synonym of determination and autonomy.

Nancy Cunard, a muse from the 1930s, inspires this new spring/summer collection. Considered as an eccentric figure, she had style and contributed to women’s emancipation. As a matter of fact, she was the editor for The Hours Press, this to highlight her self-sufficiency.

A feminine look with masculine manners, this year’s collection is full of spirit, like her muse. Through the heavy kohl on their eyes and their natural allure, ANIKALENASKARSTROM women are full of charm, strength of mind, and surprises.


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