La Rosa Mannequins S.p.A
Via Coti Zelati 90
20030 Palazzolo Milanese Milano
+ 39 02 99044222
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La Rosa Mannequins S.p.a

La Rosa, success based on style, sensitivity and enterprise

La Rosa S.p.a. has always been hallmarked by research, experimentation and innovation in the areas of materials, forms and design.
Over the course of the years, its impeccable artistic prowess has been accompanied by an equally high degree of attention to technology and its evolution. In such a specialist field as that of mannequins, the company necessarily utilizes cutting-edge technology in certain fundamental stages, for example the production.

An eco-industry which has two factories in Milan; largely automated which ensure the full protection of operators and environment. Over 140 people work in close cooperation to ensure the successful production of each unit. From operative to painter, from sales to logistics, La Rosa S.p.a. represents a combination of synergies, constituting the core of the company. It has four showrooms in Europe: Paris, Düsseldorf, Madrid and London. This international dimension was made essential by the brand’s expansion and undisputed renown.

Research and innovation are at the base of each production process, both in the used infrastructure and in the materials; using only recycled and recyclable materials in an environmentally and standards established by the European Community, which provide the perfect handmade item “made in Italy”.

La Rosa S.p.A has won two awards in the last two years, in February it has acquired the second trophy 'PLAN A' Awards 2012 'organized by the British group owned by M&S. The award has still consecrated the only Italian company in the world reality Visual Merchandising and manufacturer of mannequins, which operates in full compliance with environmental using photovoltaic panels and worker protection.

The great variety of the collections and the remarkable originality of the models have led to La Rosa’s products being used both in the showrooms of haute couture fashion designers and in prêt-à-porter boutiques. Another aspect of creative added value can be gauged from the fact that the company’s products have been chosen on many occasions for important presentations organized by great fashion designers such as Louis Vuitton or Givenchy, and for prestigious events such as the exhibitions for Gianni Versace and Cristian Dior, the remarkable Armani show at the Guggenheim Museum, Balenciaga, the recent 45th anniversary of the Valentino maison, and the Roberto Verino exhibition at the Traje Museum. La Rosa will take part to the exhibition ‘Diana Vreeland after Diana Vreeland’ curated by Judith Clark and Maria Luisa Frisa, a new collection of specially designed mannequins depicting the action of Vreeland’s icon as fashion editor and fashion curating. Next step will be he anthological exhibition ‘ManneQUEEN, since 1922’, will put on stage at the Balenciaga Museum (end of March). An accurate selection of vintage material will concretely show visitors the stylistic and structural changes of a company that has exported its creativity throughout the world. La Rosa’s creativity is composed of small 'art' reproduced in series, coupled with the ability to combine continuous innovation of processes and materials with a soul that fuses art, architecture and craftsmanship, ensuring ninety success with a dedicated event planned for the end of the year.

This then is the most creative aspect of the COMPANY… those who consider fashion to be a profoundly-rooted aspiration for beauty cannot fail to notice an unmistakable artistic component, in its finest qualities, running through the whole collection.


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