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ISSUE 02  on Sale NOW!!! ISSUE 02 on Sale NOW!!!

Event Party

Qlix Intro and Celebration of ISSUE 02 party

Mittwoch, 22.09.2010
00:00 – 00:00


location will only be given to the two lucky winners of the contest
60611 Chicago
IL • United States


Tenisha Anderson
TenStyle Media, Inc.


Wanna party with the slickest set? Well, Qlix is finally having their intro party and in Chicago, but u need an invite to get in…Oh what to do? Well, Qlix is giving 2 lucky readers (and their 1 guest) the chance to have something better to do on a Wednesday night then watch Hellcats. To enter you have to do two things – 1. Sign up for Qlix List (no cheating, we’ll know if you didn’t..ha), and 2. Send an email with your full name and email address to

Though we don’t discriminate outside the Chicago area…you have to find our own way to the party..there for it’s easiest to live within the Chicago area, but if you’re a jet-setting baller and can get here by Wednesday, Sept. 22nd…play on player. ☺ The chosen ones will be notified on Tuesday, September 21st with the time and location of bat cave that Qlix has choosen to parrrtayyyy!!!!

Side note: You must be 21 and over to enter…

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