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Ricardo Ramos - Scented Fashion Happening

Donnerstag, 17.01.2019
20:30 – 22:00


Parfumsalon Berlin
Uhlandstraße 173-174
10719 Berlin


Ricardo Ramos
Ricardo Ramos Perfumes de Autor


Ricardo Ramos is back to Berlin from Spain to do the international featuring for his Artistic Perfumery Line during Berlin Fashion week.
Internationally known for his culturally inspired fashion collections, with his pieces in the archives of several museums worldwide, Ramos keeps himself faithful to his inspiration, this time will be showcasing fashion and scents inspired in cultural hints from Andalusia, Pre-Hispanic Colombia, Traditional Japan and Staphorst in the Netherlands.
Hosted by Parfumsalon Berlin, Hair & Make Up by Heinz Schlicht Salon, glass of wine courtesy by Bodegas Fontedei/Granada-Spain.

Produkt-Gruppen: Creation, Fragrance, Contemporary, Promotion, Vintage, Couture, Ready-to-Wear
Märkte: Men's, Women's

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