Ob auffällige Killer Heels für eine heisse Party-Nacht, schicke Freizeit-Sneaker, elegante Pumps für's Business-Meeting oder trendige Loafers für einen gemütlichen Sonntag - LA STRADA bietet eine große Auswahl an trendigen Designs für trendige Frauen.

LA STRADA erfülllt die Erwartungen der Kunden, ausgezeichneter Qualität, wettbewerbsfähigen Preisen, kurzen Lieferzeiten und effizientem Service.

LA STRADA ist in der Lage, große Mengen zu liefern, schnell zu liefern, Anpassungen und Änderungen in letzter Minute - entsprechend den schnellen Modetrends - vorzunehmen.
Unser erfahrenes Verkaufsteam berät Sie gerne bezüglich des aktuellsten Sortiments und tauscht mit Ihnen gerne die neusten Erfahrungen über den sich ständig ändernden Schuhmarkt aus.

Ein großer Teil unserer Kollektion wird für schnelle Lieferungen vorrätig gehalten - damit Sie bei den Modetrends immer ganz vorne mitspielen.

LA STRADA ist ein bedeutender Hersteller in der europäischen Schuhproduktion und im Schuhhandel. Mit Hauptsitz in Waalwijk, dem historischen Herzen der niederländischen Schuhindustrie. Seit dem Start im Jahr 1979 beschäftigt sich LA STRADA mit der Herstellung von Damenschuhkollektionen mit einem ausgezeichneten Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis und jungen modischen und trendigen Looks.

Ihr gesamtes LA STRADA - Team


  • Oliver Niebergall
    Sales Manager Germany
    Mahdentalstr. 114 HDK4 - 2.Stock
    71065 Sindelfingen

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  • Muriel Leijten
    Sales & Marketing
    Grotestraat 14
    5141 HA Waalwijk
    +31(0)416 651045

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General conditions of Sale and Delivery of Edel Fashion B.V.
Article 1. To any contract under which Edel Fashion v.o.f, hereinafter to be named “the B.V.” will sell or
undertake to deliver, the terms and conditions to be specified below will apply, unless the B.V. has made a
provision to the contrary expressly and in writing.
Article 2. Any offers to be made by the B.V. are without commitment and excluding VAT (value-added
tax). Any orders that have not been confirmed by the B.V. in writing will commit the B.V. to nothing. Any
samples, pictures, drawings and data (such as those stating finishes, colours etc.) supplied by the B.V. will
only represent an approximation.
Article 3. In the absence of claims by letter on the contents of invoices made out by the B.V. within a
fortnight from date of invoice, the invoices will be deemed to be totally correct and to give an accurate
description of the goods supplied and of the conditions that were agreed on.
Article 4. Except where provision is made to the contrary, delivery will be effected ex store of the B.V.
Delivery will be held to have taken place at no later date than at date of invoice. The goods wil travel at the
expence and risk of the buyer. The same applies in cases where delivery is effected differently, for instance
“from frontier country of origin”, in which case also the customs duties etc. will run for the buyer’s account.
If the B.V. assists in the transportation ex place of delivery, in customs formalities etcetera, the B.V. will not
be liable to any claim in this respect whatsoever and the risk will be buyers entirely.
Article 5. All invoices made out by the B.V. are to be settled cash and latest within 30 days from date of
invoice, being the debtor in legal default after such date. As from this 30th day interest will be charged on
the basis of 12% per annum. The plea of sett-off will be barred in respect of any claim of the B.V. So long as
any claim of the B.V. remains unsettled, the B.V. will have the option to suspend the delivery to the rele vant
debtor. The debtor to the B.V. will be under obligation on demand by the B.V. to provide security in the
option of the B.V. for payment of the claims of the B.V. whether due of not.
Article 6. Any goods supplied by the B.V. will remain its property as a security for the payment of any existing
and future claims that it may have against the buyer, until such time when the v.of. will cease to have
any claims against the debtor. By way of additional security for the due settlement of any claims held by the
B.V., it will as a guarantee hold the ownership (through claims created) in any goods that the B.V. will have
delivered to the debtor at some earlier date and that are still under this custody. The B.V. will be at liberty
at all times to take possesion of its security property.
Article 7. The B.V. will not be liabe for any damage incurred due to late delivery by the B.V. in case such late
delivery occurs, only annulment of contract may be demand from the B.V. (therefor, amongst other things
no damages), such only if the B.V. after receiving three weeks notice is in default, and this only in respect
of the part that failed to be delivered.
Article 8. Any claims in regard to defaults in the deliveries by the B.V. shall be made by letter within fourteen
days from date of delivery. Failing such claims, the delivery will be held to have been effected free from
defects, which allegation may not be rebutted.
Article 9. Otherwise the general rule will be that if the B.V. except for cases of bad faith should supply
defective or damaged articles, the B.V. will not in any liability other than to deliver replacing goods at no
cost to the buyer and such only after the goods so to be replaced will have been returned to the B.V. will
not be responsible for any further damages nor compensation.
Article 10. In case the B.V. will carry through overall price increases, the B.V. will be intitled to cancel the
sale, if its client should not be prepared to pay the increased prises.
Article 11. If so desired the B.V. will have the right issue a writ of summons against its other contracting
parties in respect of any disputes to appear before the court or cantonal judge of competent jurisdiction for
Tilburg as the competence may be, Dutch law to apply.
Article 12. In case the debtor of the B.V. is in defailt of payment, the debtor will, in case the B.V. charges
a collection agency with the collection of its claim as consequence become liable to pay to the B.V. afixed
in demnification on account of additional clerical and collecting expenses, in the amount of 12% of the
principal due, but with a minimum of 150 euro’s and in the case of presentation of a backruptcy petition
minimum 250 euro’s, all this save and except the cost of proceedings and incidentals to be liquidated by a
judicial decision.