It all began back in 2005 when I was in Italy working with a jewellery collection. Little did I expect that my life was about to take a different turn. Outside my native Sweden, I started to look at my comfortable wooden clogs in a new light. Swedish clogs, with their characteristic shape and the tradition of Swedish craftsmanship suddenly seemed exotic and full of possibilities. I started to think about decorating them, using new materials and techniques, embossing the leather, and producing different styles and colours. I had no idea how timely I was – clogs were about to have a major revival. Today Calou Stockholm has developed into an international shoe company. While our roots are still firmly in the Swedish clog tradition and genuine craftsmanship, we have gone on to include clog boots, and even high heeled clogs in our collections. All are made in cushioned, flexible materials which make our shoes incredibly comfortable to wear. Swedish design made in Italy and Portugal.
We are passionate about our clogs. And hope you’ll be as happy in them as we are.



Payment terms: Prepayment
Freight: free when order more than 30 pairs
Time of delivery: SS in feruary, AW in august for preorders.
Order in season is possible of available inventory.