Ana Sekularac’s Spring Summer 2012 collection celebrates the beauty and strength of a woman and her journey of life.

The new Ana Sekularac Spring Summer 2012 collection is all about emotions and the personal journey of the designer, the journey of a woman, expressed through structure and movement. From the choice of fabric challenging perception of textures: the sharp cotton pleated and the infinitive ethereal chiffon draped and twisted by hand, to the wonderful colours used: a palette of blues, turquoise, white and sand, there is a dialogue between all elements creating a new design.

The exquisite cut with its straight architectural silhouettes and the exceptional finish is juxtaposed with delicacy and soft, wavy lines. The contrasting aspects of precision and freedom are manifested in this exciting collection starting from the silhouettes that perfectly accentuate the female form to the delicate layered and ruched detailing and structures conveying a new kind of modern femininity , serenity and grace.

Ana’s designs achieve the rare quality of being distinctive artistic pieces that are eminently wearable, feel incredible modern yet are timeless in their appeal.

Her customers include amongst others the likes of Anna Friel, Sophie Ellis- Bextor, Shingai from the Noisettes, Tolula Adeyemi, Pink, Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas and Victoria Beckham whilst the designer has been nominated as Talent 2010 in the September Issue of Vogue Italy. The collection is No 1 Brand at The Designer Studio at Harrods, London at retail prices between 395 Euro - 3000 Euro for evening wear and signature pieces.

Ana has produced the signature short film “The Phase’ to elucidate the brand's mood and concept.
The piece consists of imagery of the journey of a women and her personal growth against the backdrop of her city. The Street represents her journey : Starting on her own, the heroine is soon meeting other people on her way and is accompanied on her journey. At first glance, it may seem the women are independent from one another until it becomes clear, that they are intwined with one another, representing the journey and growth of a woman. Every moment and event that happens in our life produces an emotion which in return allow us to evolve as a person. The inner feeling of the heroine her wishes and thoughts are expressed by the choreography. Everything we experience, provides us with strength and knowledge for the next phase of our life and allows us to ultimately become who we are meant to be without compromise. Fashion allows us to express our emotions without using a single word.



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