kimberit / Berlin, Germany

The Berlin based art & fashion lab kimberit understands clothing as an artistic medium – dressmaking as the architecture of movement.
This is reflected not only in the conceptual on-off pieces but also in performances, films and installations.
kimberit’s vision is to show that clothes can be more than just something to wear by leaving the conventional borders.
The unique style of kimberit is the result of a conceptual approach followed by an experimental design process.
Expressive silhouettes with emphasis on form and movement seem to spring from their own world and get fabricated at the highest stage using noblest material.
kimberit is a sustainable and ethical fashion label.
kimberit's Ready-to-Wear line KOMMENT. gives a statement on each Couture collection and is available in selected stores.
KOMMENT. is an interpretation for the everyday life of a nonchalant but feminine woman with a shot of anarchistic attitude.