Handmade children shoes

Emel is a European brand founded in 1992 by people passionate about shoes for children. Their shoes are uniquely handmade in Poland by professional shoemakers who know the specificity of children feet.

When a child is born until he is independently making his first steps, it should be left barefoot for as long as possible to allow feet to develop in a natural way. As we live in a world where at some point shoes become a necessity, it is crucial to make sound choices, as shoes may affect the entire body for the rest of a lifetime. Although the structure of a child’s foot develops fully in the first 2 years, the bones themselves do not develop and harden until around the age of 7.

Emel aims at making shoes which are the next best thing to barefoot in that crucial stage of a child’s development without impeding any natural movements while offering the right support.

There is not one rule about what a good shoe should be. It’s a balance and combination of features that Emel has been striving to combine through research and experience. It’s a delicate balance between flexibility and support, the durability of the shoes while using natural materials, including vegetable tanned leathers or memory insoles protecting feet and preventing slipping while keeping the shoes lightweight and breathable.

Because no 2 pairs of feet are the same Emel offers its retail partners a wide variety of styles with over 1000 models per season to fit individual foot profiles.

Emel shoes are certified annually for a status of medical prophylactic products by The Institute of Mother and Child, a clinical competence centre in Warsaw, Poland. They have also been awarded numerous distinctions over the years, sold mostly in specialized boutiques for premium children shoes.



Sales Agreement and Conditions

This agreement describes the general conditions of sale and promotion of products, between ESL, registered at 35, rue de Beggen, L-1221, Luxembourg and the Retail Partner, concerning shoes of the brand called “Emel Shoes”, manufactured by Emel s.c., ul. Ludowa 28A, 42-215, Częstochowa, Poland.

As per attached Pricelist, ESL proposes recommended minimum retail sales prices with a respective margin for the client. This minimum sales price guarantees correct positioning of the EMEL brand within its market. An exception can be made during seasonal sales periods and other special events. There is no restriction on selling above minimum retail sales prices. Special restrictions apply to shoes sold online, detailed under e-commerce.

No products purchased from ESL or produced by Emel Shoes shall not be sold by or through any online auction or online store, such as Ebay, Amazon or other similar sites, without the explicit, written authorization of ESL.
Furthermore, if the Retail Partner wishes to sell EMEL products online, then the online price should not be inferior to the recommended minimum sales price, except during seasonal sales or special promotions.

Price list & Order
1. ESL proposes each season a price list, detailing available models and sizes, with a Buying Price, as well as a Suggested Minimum Retail Gross Selling Price.
2. ESL sends to the Retail Partner the Order Form of products specified therein, detailing models respective sizes and quantities, together with the Buying Prices.
3. ESL confirms the Order in writing to the Retail Partner after consultation with the factory as far as production and a possible term of delivery, in particular in case of material deviation from exhibited models. ESL reserves to cancel the order at this stage without any reason.
4. The Order is confirmed and binding when ESL confirms the order in writing and the Sales Agreement has been dully filled and signed, and the fulfilment by the Retail Partner of specific payment obligations indicated in the Agreement and an invoice.
5. Upon fulfilment of down payment/deposit conditions as described in the Payment below, ESL reconfirms the order with the final conditions including models, sizes, quantity, value and delivery terms. Any delay in payment of the deposit beyond 5 business days from the confirmation notification may affect the delivery date.
Minimum order requirements
In general, there is no minimum order requirement in terms of a number of models. However due to production constraints of handmade shoes, unless mutually agreed, minimum order of 6 units per model number is required.

Fitting shoes
Fitting shoes are available at EUR 150 per set. Boxes will be gifted at the point when a total number of shoe pairs ordered exceeds 350 by a EUR 150 order credit to be used in the following order. Should future business be suspended partial refund of sizing boxes will be available if returned undamaged outside of normal usage.
Shipping and Handling
Unless separately agreed between the partners, shipping and handling are excluded from a price as special requirements may apply.

Delivery of ordered products
As per Confirmed Delivery conditions ESL endeavours to deliver goods as per details specified in the Order Form and confirmed by ESL as described in Price list & Order herein. Due to the nature of the handmade production and supply of materials the delivery date may vary. The Retail Partner will be notified of the possible delivery date as soon as possible.

1. A downpayment of 30% of the order net value will be required upon order confirmation and treated as a security deposit.
2. The remaining value will be invoiced payable before shipping out of the readymade product, including all relevant associated costs (shipping/customs when applicable).
3. For all orders out of stock, a payment of 100% of the gross invoice value will be required before shipping out.
4. All payments, unless otherwise agreed, should be made by bank transfer. The date the money arrives at ESL account is considered as binding.
5. Lack of any agreed payments within the agreed dates may result in a default of contractual obligations by the Retail Partner. In such case, ESL may apply late payment charges of 1% per month and/or loss of the security deposit and/or cancellation of the order(s) and termination of the Agreement.

Shipping errors, warranty & claims
Order errors must be brought to ESL attention within 14 days of receipt of shipment. ESL & Emel s.c. endeavour to protect the Retail Partner’s reputation, by providing Lifetime Warranty against hidden and visible manufacturing faults. Should any manufacturing defects be found during the life of the product with the original owner, both parties will work to find a resolution, subject to Indemnities below.
Emel products are made of natural leather. The Retail Partner acknowledges that the material may be subject to colour instability of leather and its subtle deviations from exhibited models or previous production series, which cannot be regarded as a manufacturing defect but rather an effect of the natural structure of leather material.
Among typical problems not acceptable for the claim would be instances, such as but not limited to: damage due to mechanical misuse or incorrect selection, excessive exposure to natural or artificial light, the use of outsole, hill or insole, wet or soiled shoes, de-pairing or lack of comfort. Nevertheless, claims that are not related to a manufacturing fault will be handled by ESL at best endeavour basis.