Yowas ist ein kleines Unternehmen, das 1981 in Spanien gegründet wurde. Wir haben also mehr als 35 Jahre Erfahrung bei der Produktion von komfortablen und modischen Kinderschuhen. Konstante Arbeit und Hingabe haben uns im Laufe der Jahre wachsen lassen.
Da wir ein wesentliches Produkt für wachsende Kinderfüße herstellen, legen wir großen Wert auf die Details und Qualität unserer Arbeit.

Das Wissen um die Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden und um das Vertrauen in unsere Marke
verpflichtet uns, jeden Tag besser zu werden, und hilft uns dabei, unsere Position auf den nationalen und ausländischen Märkten zu festigen.

Unsere Produkte werden vollständig in Spanien angefertigt. Der Herstellungsprozess erfolgt in unseren eigenen Produktionsstätten. Unsere Designs kommen ebenfalls aus Spanien und unsere Produkte werden aus besten Rohmaterialien gefertigt. Unsere hohen Qualitätsstandards bestätigen Jahr für Jahr mehr als 3000 weltweite Kunden.

Komfort und Kreativität sind die obersten Ziele unserer Kollektionen. In unseren Katalogen finden Sie ein breites Spektrum an Artikeln von Größe 19 bis 41, die für diverse Gelegenheiten designt wurden: Schuhe für die Straße, den Sport, die Schule und festliche Anlässe.

Für Bestellungen oder weitere Informationen zögern Sie bitte nicht, uns zu kontaktieren:
Mail: export@yowas.com.es oder Telefon/Whatsapp: +34 659869423

Yowas is a small company that was born in 1981 in Spain, so we have more than 35 years of experience in producing comfort and fashion shoes for children. We have grown over the years thanks to our effort and dedication. We give importance to the details and well-done work because we make a necessary product for the feet that are growing.

Knowing that our customers are happy and trust our brand, encourages us to continue improving day by day and helps us to consolidate our position in national and foreign markets.

Our products are completely made in Spain. The manufacturing process is developed in our own facilities. Our designs are Spanish too and our products are made with raw materials of first quality. Our best guarantee is made up of more than 3,000 customers around the world season after season.

The comfort and creativity are the objectives of our collections. In our catalogs, you can find a wide range of articles, from size 19 to 41, designed especially for each occasion: street shoes, sport, school and ceremony.

To make orders or should you need further information do not hesitate to contact by email: export@yowas.com.es or by phone/Whatsapp: +34 659869423



These Terms and Conditions of Sale shall control over any conflicting or inconsistent terms or conditions or any purchase order of Buyer.

  1. Products and Orders
    The Buyer is entitled to order assortment of products according to YOWAS’ Product Catalogue or pricelist applicable at the time of the purchase order.
    All purchase orders (“Orders”) shall be in writing and subject to written acceptance by YOWAS. E-mail confirmation is accepted by the Buyer.
    YOWAS will send the Buyer an order confirmation e- mail containing the delivery date about two months starting when YOWAS receives the payment of 30%. The delivery date will have an insecurity period of +10/-10 working days, which is accepted by the Buyer.

  2. Payment
    YOWAS is entitled to require a prepayment of 30% for the acceptance of an Order. Buyer shall be notified thereof by the latest at the placing of the Order and before YOWAS has accepted the Order.
    First payment is 30% of the total amount of the order to start making the shoes. The buyer must pay the 70% of the amount when the order is ready. The payments must be by bank transfer to YOWAS bank account. When the total price is already paid, YOWAS will send the goods or the buyer can ask a transport agency to collect the goods (depends on according).
    All payments shall be made in EURO, net of any wire costs, bank fees, currency exchange rates or other similar fees.
    YOWAS shall have the right to cancel any previously accepted Order placed by Buyer, change the credit terms, or refuse or delay shipment if Buyer fails to meet payment schedules.

  3. Delivery
    Delivery of the Products are made CIF to Buyer’s indicated warehouse address unless otherwise agreed. YOWAS is responsible for all shipment of orders over 100 pairs to France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, UK, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. Other countries please ask.
    The Buyer is obliged to accept the delivery of an order by the latest two week after confirmed delivery date, including the -10/+10 working days insecurity period.
    If YOWAS has manufactured the ordered products prior to scheduled delivery date, YOWAS and the Buyer may agree in writing that the Buyer shall accept early delivery than the first agreed delivery date.
    If the Buyer wants to modify or cancel, must do it before paying the 30% and in writing by e-mail. YOWAS does not accept modifications when the production has started. If the Buyer cancels, the payment will not be refundable.

  4. Delays in performance
    If delay on its part seems likely, YOWAS shall forthwith notify the Buyer thereof in writing, stating the reason for the delay and the time when delivery can be expected.
    If delivery from YOWAS is delayed more than 30 days, the Buyer will receive a 2% discount on the invoiced amount for that specific order, transport and other costs excluded. This will be possible only if the delay is YOWAS fault, not for the paying delay of the buyer. YOWAS will send the goods or allow to collect the goods to the buyer’s forwarder (depends on according) when the buyer makes the transfer of the payment.
    YOWAS shall, however, not be liable for any delay in performance due to unforeseen circumstances or due to causes beyond its control including, but not limited to, acts of nature, acts of government, acts of terrorism, labor disputes, delays in transportation, equipment breakdown, delays in delivery, inability to deliver by YOWAS’ suppliers or inability to obtain an export license.
    In the event YOWAS is unable to wholly or partially perform because of any cause beyond its control, YOWAS may terminate the Order without any liability to Buyer and shall forthwith notify the Buyer thereof in writing.

  5. Descrapancies and faulty products upon delivery
    YOWAS warrants that the quality of the products is in conformity with the salesmen samples.
    Upon receipt of products, Buyer shall check if the shipment is in accordance with the packing list and report any discrepancies, faulty products or missing products to YOWAS within (10) working days from arrival at Buyer’s warehouse.
    Unless Buyer notifies YOWAS in writing within ten (10) calendar days from the date of delivery of any discrepancies, faulty products or missing products in the Products, the Order will be deemed to have been accepted by Buyer.
    In case of rejection of faulty products or claims due to other discrepancies or missing products, the notice of rejection must specify the reason why the products are being rejected and allow YOWAS to inspect the products, if so required.

  6. Faulty products and claims
    In case of claims due to serious faults in the products and which is discovered after the delivery of the Order has been accepted by the Buyer, such will be handled by YOWAS as it deems appropriate and in YOWAS’ own discretion. The Buyer shall allow YOWAS to inspect and/or analyze such claimed faulty products. The Buyer is not entitled to withdraw such products from the market unless YOWAS has consented thereto in writing, nor is the Buyer entitled to return such faulty products to YOWAS without YOWAS’ consent in writing.

  7. Liability
    In no event shall YOWAS be liable to the Buyer for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, regardless of the form of action therefore, whether in contract or in tort, including negligence, including, without limitation, damages or loss to equipment, loss of goodwill, increased expenses of operation, cost of capital, or the claims of third parties including customers of Buyer, howsoever caused, regardless of whether such party has been informed of the possibility of such damages.

  8. Photos and samples for marketing purpose
    The Buyer is entitled use photos from YOWAS’ media bank at no cost. However, confirmation samples of photo-samples for marketing are subject to extra individual charges agreed between the parties in writing. If photos or reference samples are needed, the Buyer shall notify YOWAS when placing the order and YOWAS will confirm in a separate order the delivery and terms for the actual sample shipment.