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born 1989 in finland. moved to umeå, sweden 1995. started studying fashion by the age of seventeen, three years in northen sweden and one year at the academy of cutting in gothenburg. graduated 2010. started up irinalaaja and moved to berlin in october. projects and job assignements as designer and stylist as well as exhibitions in berlin. three months internship spring 2011 at the t/shirt issue. first collection "finland finest/factory" out in july 2011.
finland finest/factory is me and my memories. it is also postmodern architecture and city wiews. / a country side kid and cold industrial atmospheres.

irinalaaja is a playing game with lines and shapes. it is clean creative cuts and rough sexiness. a mind full of war and the stiffness of military uniforms. concrete and collapsed buildings. pleated shoulder pad in oilcloth experiment. material. how it lives its own life/how it reacts when i shake its world. light fabric. shivering lines. steel/diodes/glitter/lights/wires/whatever i can find in a world of cubes and creased symmetric shapes. straitjacket vs sexy. volvo vs womanly. a fake leather marathon and masks and machines. musical vibes. the colours of your vomit just folded itself into a cool collar. a rabbit who wanted to be a leopard and a man who was nothing but a fake fur coat on a high class prostitute. the problematic panic of perfection and the beauty in the destroyed and broken and disturbed balance. those sequin colored seahorses.

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